Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Never go off thing

Our whole life will be always engrossed in confusion. Mostly there is no person without confusions in their mind. We are living in the world of confusion in all perspective, including our goal, passion, family, and friends. Entire word of confusion gets attached to question tags what, where, when, how, why with the mixed feelings. This is like mental disease that never goes off from anyone. In the state of confusion we stay completely communicating with our mind with the intention of sticking  to   clarity. If we come up with the adherences of our notion again, there will be  re-edifying of confusion.  So our life will get over in the world of confusion with many multiple choices left behind. If we keep on thinking about thing for hours eventually it will end with state of confusion of confusion. Confusion will start with the feeling of not understanding. If we don’t have lucidity on ourselves then there will be no assurance  about ourselves with the question who am I and What Am I and what I wish for.

Daily when we begin our blissful morning our mind will start thinking about  which dress  I should wear today, what I should prepare for breakfast, how I should go to the  office. These all query’s answer will accommodates with  multiple option along with the state of confusion in our mind. But we will never think of, which thought I should edify in our mind to enhance our personality. We will not just perceive our mind to think ideas to elevate our  personality. Thing is, if we understand the thing clearly with the transference then there will be no matter of arising of confusion with the  expression of disarrays highlighting on our face. Finally, one and only Lucidity makes the confusions to go off from our world of feeling.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adapt yourself for the survival

Adapt yourself for the survival

In everyone life's ups and down are common. Life is there for us to live happily with discontented. Sometime we cannot shed off bad habits or memories which make us to feel annoyed. We should rehash our habits and memories to create new ones which add value to our lives. Everything needs time. Keep waiting for the good thing with a positive attitude makes to achieve our dream.

 Life of  the Eagle has the longest lifespan of all of its species. It can live up to 70 years. Considering such a long duration of 70 years Eagle must make hard decisions. In its  40th year pliable talons could not grab the prey. Then it’s long and sharp, piercing beak becomes bent. It’s old and heavy wings get stuck in chest due to the thick feathers. So it will become very much hard for Eagle to fly feasibly. At last Eagle left with 2 choices. One is dying and one more is facing the difficulties in the process of change which lasts for 150 days  in surviving the life .In order to bear all these Eagle has to sit on the top of the mountaintop and sit on the nest. Their Eagle starts knocking the its beak against the rock until it pluck out. Next Eagle will keep on waiting for a new beak to grow back and then it plucks out talons. Eventually, when new talons will grow back it will start pulling off its feathers. Over the span of 5 months Eagle will get into a rebirth of new flight and continues its existence to live for next 30 more years. The eagle could have chosen option for dying. But it won’t. It makes it’s attitude to survive, it’s life. Always we have to try for the survival of our lives. Without  trying  nothing will happen. Preserving patience and creating good quality of work  helps in succeeding. The story tells us that we should incline our mind towards facing the challenges which comes in our life.  should be cheerfully accept the challenges and make the decision to over come challenges. Positing attitudes with the preservances make the man to become successful man. Only positive attitude will not helps in surviving. Positive attitude with the our complete  involvement with the perceiving of work will bring good result. Some time our past incidents   induce regrets and make us to emotionally connected to feel frustrating .We should get  rid of such past memories to live happily for rest of our life. Always present matters a lot in our life. We should retrospect past incidents to take decisions for present and future. Final view of our life surviving in the society. As the Charles’s Darwin’s law says that” it is not the strongest species survive nor the intelligent, but the ones responsive to change”. So we should make adapt ourselves to society and to the environment in order to survive our life.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nature friendship which soothes your mind

Just compare lifestyle of the people of olden days and nowadays, People of olden days were attached with the natural things. But people of nowadays are getting addicted to artificial things. Attach and addict itself   will narrate the habits of   generations. Ancient people they were spending their most of the time in the midst of  nature. Now people are living in overfilled High Tech cities  with over busy in their office work. People living in such crowded High  tech cities will face the mental health disorder .Working throughout in AC Room will not boost our mind. Outdoor activities are the best easy  way to get  relief from anger, depression.
We always  spend our time in indoor games and watching TV serials. This all the strategies will not soothes the brain. As more we get attached with nature our mind will be blessed with peace of mind and it  also  clear out the obstructions which makes us to feel irritated. Bond between us and nature increases our thinking perspective. Why authors always prefer to live in midst of nature.?Connection with nature will gives birth to the new ideas .
There have been many studies which showed that city people are much more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and emotional issues than people who live in rural areas.

We always feel relief from anxiety and tensions when we go out for walk and come. It soothes our mind and enhance the creativity .As more we spend ourselves in the midst of nature we feel like are in the world of peace and happiness.
There are many studies which showed that nature could have a positive effect on mental well-being and improves our emotional health.
Many studies proved that nature friendship affects numerous facets of a person’s physical, mental and social life such as:
•It  reduces  anger, frustration and aggression
• Increases the  sense of belonging and acceptance
• Improves the socialization, mobility, mental stimulation, and sentiment towards love, respect.
Brooding is a state which makes us to perpetually thinks about stress and worry about everyday things in your life. It is very harmful for health makes may leads to depression.
Nowdays state of brooding is common in the minds of people who are living in the metropolitan cities.
According to the many studies conducted , the people walking by the highway had  increased levels of blood flow to their subgenual prefrontal cortex. The ones walking in nature showed the   improvements in their mental well-being with less blood flow to their subgenual prefrontal cortex, and having  quieter brain. Spending more time in the natural environment which gives more pleasure and brings healthier life than watching tv for  many  hours sitting inside the 4 walls. When we feel more stressed just  go for a walk and spend more time in the midst of nature .Don’t always take  a option of watching television when we have a free time.

Currently  what we are doing which affects our complete immune system.  When we are anxious or sad your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension will increases  and it suppresses your immune system. Our body system is genetically programmed to feel happy and better when we find trees,river,sea etc .Many studies revealed that simple plant inside the room which impact on our stress. Nature scenes are associated with the positive mood through this we can get rid of ourselves from unpleasant stress and anxiety. Nature  have the capability of inspires us and soothes our mind and engross our self to know about our self .